Happy Pride Month!

This month we are proud to be partnering with Basic Rights Oregon in support of the LGBTQ community. For the entirety of Pride Month we will be donating a portion of sales to Basic Rights Oregon, a local non-profit dedicated to ensuring that all LGBTQ Oregonians live free from discrimination and are treated with dignity and respect in every community in our state. At Deviation, we make skis and snowboards for everyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, skin color, religion or sexual orientation. Love is love and we want to do our part by supporting an organization that has already done so much for the Oregon LGBTQ community.

Basic Rights Oregon works fearlessly and tirelessly to build a strong, vibrant, powerful, and progressive movement for LGBTQ equality. LGBTQ Oregonians exist in every community, and we understand that we have to engage in strategic, values-based coalitions to address the many needs of our communities. As such, building alliances with progressive groups that advocate for working families, racial justice, immigrant rights, reproductive justice, and campaign reform will be essential to winning policies that meet the varied needs of our diverse community.

For more information about Basic Rights Oregon and how to donate directly, click here.

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