Introducing Chill Ghost - Studio Artist


Caroline Hill is a Baltimore raised illustrator and the creative mind behind Chill Ghost Designs (Chill Ghost). After realizing a formal college education was not for her, she decided to pursue her art career full-time. In 2017 she began working with a local silkscreen artist in their Baltimore studio, quickly working her way up to lead welder. As an employee of the studio, Caroline has been a supporting artist with original illustrations, lead welder, silkscreen professional, and art salesperson, providing her with over eight years of experience in the art industry.

Her time in the art industry, attending countless concerts, and global travels have all played a part in inspiring her own artwork. Seeking a place to showcase her art, Chill Ghost was born. Caroline’s style can best be described as ‘spooky sugar’, a perfect blend of dark elements and themes with colorful and light

energy. Skeletons, third eyes, and grim reapers are recurring components that appear in her art, often coupled with flowers, crystals, and beautiful living creatures – an ode to the connection of life and death, acknowledging that everything is interwoven in our universe.

“The Summoning” combines deep meanings of sacred geometry with two constant forces every human is familiar with – good and evil

When Caroline isn’t at work in the studio or at home drawing, you are likely to find her outside, swimming in the summer, hiking in the fall, paddling on her paddleboard in the Maryland rivers or snowboarding in the mountains across the country.




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