Introducing The 2020 LP Ski

Behind the scenes with athlete and LP designer Lupe Hagearty:

Lupe joined our team of Deviants last fall and with that brought his innovation and pro experience to the Deviation Workshop. After testing and prototyping a variety of products, Deviation and Lupe bring you the ultimate park ski for our 2020-2021 lineup. Designed to be the Swiss-army-knife of freestyle skiing, the all new LP is our first Pro Model, so naturally we had to ask Lupe what his thoughts were on the process.

What was the process like working with Deviation to make the LP?

Lupe: Initially I underestimated the process of reaching the finished product, it took more time than I originally anticipated. From the beginning I had a pretty clear vision that I wanted a traditional camber profile underfoot with a slight early rise in the tip and tail. What I struggled with most was coming up with a shape I was stoked on. I really enjoyed getting to spend time around the production team Paz, Josh, Nate, and Matt in the factory. They all have a lot of knowledge and experience that helped guide me through the process. Without their expertise the ski would not have come to fruition.

Which Deviation products did you test out and what features stood out to you to get to the LP?

Lupe: The first Deviation ski I rode was an Ellipse. I really liked the flex of that ski and the shape was really fun. Although I found it to be a bit fatter in the nose and underfoot then what I was looking for in a jib oriented ski. It definitely possessed qualities I wanted to incorporate into the LP. I also really enjoyed riding the Ballistic 1.0 that ski is rad.

What’s the story behind that rad graphic?

Lupe: It is a childhood dream come true having my name on a ski. It was really special to have my sister design the graphic and share this opportunity together. The inspiration of the artwork was from the Grateful Dead and an abstract or “out of this world” landscape. The 860 signifies my roots of where I came from, family, friends, and of course 860 Media crew.


The LP features the Progressive Flex Core™ with Purple Heart Dampening System PhD™ and our Tri-Axe Fiberglass Composite for ultimate torsional strength. The LP has a tiny bit of taper for stability when charging super-steep lines, but remains predictable while taking off or landing switch. Beefed out camber and a 90mm underfoot waist gives the LP the urban and park slaying chops to channel your inner Lupe. Grab your LP here.


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