Introducing…the NEW 2018-2019 Lineup

With Mt. Hood finally getting some coverage and officially open, we’re proud to introduce you to the 2019 season lineup of handmade skis and snowboards. You’ll see a lot of familiar faces but we have some notable additions.



The Limit is all new this year. We redesigned the shape and camber profile to give you a tighter turning radius without taking away any of its float-ability in the deep stuff. This adds versatility to a ski that was previously one-noted.


We are also proud to introduce our first split board. It is similar to our powder board, The Prime, in shape and camber profile without the need for boot-packing or snowshoes. The backcountry is your endless powder-filled playground with the all new Prime Split.

We have also made minor tweaks across the board in terms of weight and flex to optimize the performance of our entire lineup.

To accompany this announcement, we are offering free shipping on all orders for the rest of the year to get you stoked for the season. Use promo code NEWNEW19 at checkout.

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