Deviation Works is not a factory, we are a workshop, art studio, lab, and retail demo center. The “Works” in our name is meaningful. A factory is where mass production happens. That’s what the other ski and snowboard companies do. It’s emotionless and cheap. The Works is where our engineers and craftsmen do their work with passion, care, and attention to detail in order to hand craft Deviation skis and snowboards they feel proud to give to customers. Explore the many facets that make up the Deviation Works below.


At the core of Deviation Works is our commitment to craft our heirloom skis and snowboards in our own workshop in Portland, Oregon. Our unique, high-performance, skis and boards are truly one-of-a-kind with options to customize your dream set up from its look to its construction. You won't want to swap these skis and boards at an expo at the end of the season, you will love them for years then hang them on your wall as art, and as preservation of the epic memories and stories they helped create.


A studio is where artists and designers work to create unique, functional art that skiers and snowboarders can’t wait to show their friends. When you work with us to build your fully customized dream setup, you'll get to visit our Art Studio to determine every little detail from nose to tail. In addition to building your Dream Setup with one of our in-house artists, we also will be releasing custom, limited edition graphics throughout the season.


Here's where dreams become reality. The Deviation Lab is so much more than a production zone. We invent and experiment with new shapes, materials, and product designs that are cutting edges literally and metaphorically. From out-of-the-box engineering to unique materials, our Lab will take you to galaxy edges to explore new forms of sliding on mountains. Suit up and ride how no man has before.


The Deviation Lodge is our new retail demo center and tune shop here in our home in the Pacific North West. We invite you to stop by and enjoy a complimentary beer or espresso while lounging in the Lodge, watching your new skis or board receive the finishing hand touches in the Works. The Lodge also regularly hosts special events like launch parties and film nights. Join the Deviation Nation Newsletter to stay up to date with upcoming events.


Matt Hilbert
Co-Founder, General Manager, & Chief Engineer

Nathan (Nate) Reese
Head of Graphic Design & Print Production

Zach Gideon
Marketing & Sales Associate

Jeromy (Paz) Pazzaneze
Partner, Production Manager, & Snowboard Overlord