Mode 102 v1.1 - 178cm No Carbon II



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Demo gear is used but has been carefully gone through and approved for many more days on snow. Pricing is based on quality of overall quality including base, sidewall, edge and camber.

Grade: B
Ready made version of this includes carbon. However we built this to test the ski without carbon. We found that it makes the ski slightly more flexible which works great for lighter skiers or more casual skiing while retaining the ability to stay floaty off piste and on groomers.

Small cosmetic chips on top sheet and nose. Base, edge and sidewall have a lot of life left.

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping Ready Made products, 4 weeks for Made by Me custom orders, and a timeline for Dream Setup custom products will be provided as part of your proposed design.

Approximate values for ski shipping boxes:

  • Shipping Weight: (Product Weight) + 1 kg
  • Dimensions: (Length of ski +10cm) × 16 × 16 cm 

Approximate values for snowboard shipping boxes:

  • Shipping Weight: (Product Weight) + 1 kg
  • Dimensions: (Length of Snowboard +10cm) × 36 × 11 cm

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